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Limited edition vinyl release of The Banger Factory's sublime 2022 album 'Warriors', 140g vinyl, deluxe packaging, and free digital download link.

What is a warrior? That was the question that Mark Kavuma, Theo Erskine and Ruben Fox set out to consider when they met in the studio soon after lockdown.

Although holding many different interpretations, the starting point for this session was to explore the word 'warrior' in the context of the struggles and challenges faced by musicians during the pandemic.

The result is a euphonious set of six original tunes brought to life with support from the ever-versatile, BBC Young Musician of the Year Deschanel Gordon (piano), top of every 'A' list Conor Chaplin (double bass), and best-kept secret (as yet) Luca Caruso (drums).

Theo Erskine: tenor saxophone
Mark Kavuma: trumpet
Ruben Fox: bass clarinet
Deschanel Gordon: piano
Conor Chaplin: double bass
Luca Caruso: drums