The Female MC's

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Tuff City is pleased to present the best possible reissue program of Hip-Hop’s first decade. These reissues were made as a tribute to Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary. Each volume represents an important facet of performers on Tuff City: The Solo MC’s, The MC Crews, The DJ’s, and The Female MC’s. Each volume features an inner sleeve with liner notes and a bonus 7” insert. Each pressing consists of 750 on red vinyl and 750 of an opaque color specific to the volume (Yellow, Gold, Blue, Orange). A bonus 7” single is slipped in the cover encased in a Tuff City logo sleeve in the style of its iconic 12” singles.

The series was also conceptualized as a multiset release to stand side by side with the classic Old School Rarities series (The Funky Drum Jams, The Electro Jams, The Linn Drum Jams & The Disco Jams) issued by our Ol’ Skool Flava imprint.

The Female MC’s commence with a greeting encompassing dancehall rhythm and Patois from the superstar Queen Latifah. The classic Roxanne Wars are represented by Roxanne Shanté
“Roxanne’s Revenge,” Sparky D’s “Sparky’s Turn” the pairs “Round One” and Sparky D’s “Sparky’s Profile.” Bronx teenager Traedonya is featured from both sides of her 1987 12” “The Boogaloo” and “Sixteen.” Sweet Tee’s feature on Davy DMX‘s “The DMX Will Rock” closes out the first side.

The Jazzy J produced “The Goddess” represents the Hip-Hop side of Wanda Dee, who had a UK House hit with “To The Bone.” New Jersey’s rare recording “(We Are) The Champs” produced by Ultramagnetic’s Ced Gee closes out the second side. The bonus single features Midnight Lace’s entry in the Run-DMC sweepstakes with “What’s Up (With These Girls)” and is backed with Harlem rapper Puffy Dee’s “Joe Blow.”