Rude Boy Scorchers

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The Rude Boy moniker has its roots firmly set in the downtown districts of Kingston, Jamaica. Alongside the regular Ska / Rocksteady sounds coming out of the sound systems, there was an undercurrent theme to some songs that spoke of the struggles of the youth, of their confrontation, arrests and run ins with the establishment. Some of these songs praised the Rude Boys for their stance and style while other songs were more in contempt with the Rude Boy’s attitiudes, comings ,goings and violent behaviour. For this release Kingston Sounds have put together a set of tunes that the Jamaican Rude Boys would have been listening to at the sound systems on the lawns and street corners. Not only the more obvious Rude Boy tunes like Gunmen Coming to Town, Dreader than Dread, Moon Hop but also some of the tunes that made the sound systems rock well into the night. It features cuts from Rico, Derrick Morgan, Delroy Wilson, Phyllis Wilson, Justin Hinds etc.