Greetings From SGV/The Greetings

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Overdue re-issue of the first three 12” in the record series dedicated to musicians who took part to the Greetings festival. It happened in 1987, it was time for Materiali Sonori 10th anniversary, an historic goal for the label/collective born in the small Tuscany village of San Giovanni Valdarno. The small celebration brought to life a box collecting the first 3 Eps of the Greetings from S.G.V. series. The series was intended as symbolic sound postcard, made with various musicians with whom the collective label shared a path, whether small or long. The Durutti Column, The Stockholm Monsters and Blaine R. Reininger (Tuxedomoon) are among the artist who took part to the project, here collected for the very first time. Lantern is pleased to pay tribute to the work of people whose passion, attitude, commitment and genuineness inspired this adventure still true to these days. "Our presence in this small tuscan town is almost casual... physically we were born and grew up here, while our hearts and our minds were travelling to Paris, Berlin, Brussels, New York or London" (Giampiero Bigazzi of Marteriali Sonori , taken from the original inner sleeves notes).