Future Nuggets: Sounds Of The Unheard From Romania Vol. 4

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Psychedelic sounds and obscure musical hybrids from the dark and hidden corners of Romania. Excursions into the world of music turned upside down. Discoveries, explorations, tours through unheard Romania. This is what the Bucharest underground artist collective Future Nuggets is known for.

After years of drifting productively under the radar, FN now presents "Sounds of the Unheard from Romania, Vol. 4", celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Future Nuggets label. This year they are collaborating with the Berlin label Fun In The Church for the first time.

Untraceable gems, melodies and breaks for the restless future; electronica oddities, oriental kraut rock, alt.-pop manifestations, psychedelic soundtracks for imaginary films. Exposing, as always, only the tip of the iceberg, productions surfacing from Bucharest’s label entourage. Introducing new artists and projects to the outernational ears (Suce Fraga, Inana, Sarra, Xenofolk,), but also featuring FN house-hold names (Plevna, Australopitecus Oltensis).

Unfamiliar and seductive sounds reverberating from the south-east realm, tracks that challenge genres and synthesize geo-cultural dispositions. Many years and musical adventures have passed since the last volume was released, thus the FN council acknowledged the local time dilation and decided to hyper-jump to volume nr. 4.

1. Australopitecus Oltensis - Paleo-ambient
2. Delta - 7
3. Plevna, Ion D - În drum
4. Departamentul Zero - Safe Passage
5. Inana - Marigold
6. H&I - În sfârșit
7. Suce Fraga - Led
8. Utopus - Sequence the Way
9. Sarra - Μη μου λες 03:04
10. Horus - Gazelectro
11. Ing. Coman - Happy Hour
12. Goldish - Chase no. 5
13. Xenofolk - Atâta timp
14. Plevna - Plevna 03:51
15. Anahoreții - Dincolo
16. TNS - One End