From The Streets Of Jamaica Vol.1

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Sub-titled "Selections from the production archives of Keeling Beckford 1971 -79", this useful collection caontains three pieces to Tony Brevette's wonderful Don't Get Weary, including I Roy's wicked tribute to Joe Frazier - entitled Don't Get Weary Joe Frazier when released in Jamaica by Winston Edwards on the Sunshine Showdown label in 1973.  This opening salvo is followed by The Heptones' Let's Get It On aka Give Me The Right on the My Conversation rhythm, Delroy Wilson's Money and the Mighty Diamonds' original version of Shame & Pride.

Track Listing:

Side One:

1. Tony Brevette - Don't Get Weary
2. I Roy - Joe Frazier
3. Tony Brevett - Don't Get Weary Version
4. Heptones - Let's Get It On
5. Delroy Wilson - Money

Side Two:

1. Pat Kelly - Whiter Shade Of Pale
2. Mighty Diamonds - Shame & Pride
3. Pat Kelly - It's A Good Day
4. Keeling Beckford - Slip Away
5. Gregory Isaacs - Let's Dance