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Another batch of rare, largely uncompiled - and sometimes barely heard - heavy psych-rock. Pounding drums, scathing fuzz guitar and morose, contemplative lyrics will bring you up on a downer. Pale Shades Of Grey, as the title hints, is perhaps the most contemplative of the series, heavy on ruminations of dark themes of love, death, pain and triumph, as performed by high school and college bands, Brasilian intellectuals, Nigerian rockers and even an Irish pub band from Michigan. A unique and compelling listen, and surely a worthy companion for these times.

A1. Ant Trip Ceremony - Pale Shades of Grey

A2. Heaven- Down By The Ocean

A3. Christophe - Lo Prego E Preghero (Je Sais Que C'est L’ete)

A4. Witch - Evening of My Life

A5. Pat's People - December Sequel

A6. 5 Revolutions - Poor Man

A7. David Lee Jr. - Love Parable

B1. Joe Lano and Ed Whiting – Faith

B2. Jose Mauro - Dois Ruas

B3. Ton E Sergio - Vou Sair Do Cateveiro

B4. Ofege – Sorrow

B5. Image - Out Station

B6. Image - Everybody’s Laughing

B7. Witch - Evening of My Life