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The Maytals

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A real curio, from 1977, no sign of Toots nor indeed any of the other Maytals, at least as far as the sparse vocals are concerned.  Here, The Maytals are the musicians assembled by producer Warwick Lyn, so Jackie Jackson (bass), Rad Bryan and Hux Brown (guitars), Winston Wright (keyboards) and Paul Douglas(drums) get the credit and presumably, apart from the uncredited female vocal on the first track, handle the vocals on this mainly instrumental album.  Musically of a high quality, as one would expect from such top session players, but hard to see what they were trying to do with this project. As we said a real reggae curio.

Track listing:

Side One:

1. Black Rose
2. Big Splash Down
3. Cash Box
4. Dub A Little Reggae
5. Disco Reggae

Side Two:

1. La La Song
2. Give Us A Piece Of The Action
3. Virgo
4. Live With Your Brother
5. Mister Music