The Ethiopians

Freedom Train

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The Ethiopians are one of the great vocal group to come out of Jamaica. Singing songs of life and times as they found them, themes that resonated with the people of the island that made them should a treasured group. Leonard Dillon was the founding member of The Ethiopians, began his singing career at Clement ‘Coxanne’ Dodd’s Studio One. Initially he recorded under the name Jack Sparrow and he was backed by The Wailers, cutting Ice Water and Suffering in the Land. Under The Wailers encouragement, he went on to form his own vocal group. Recruiting singers Stephen Taylor and Aston Charlie Morris to become The Ethiopians. They cut Live Good, Why You Gonna Leave Me Nowand Owe Me No Pay Me. Although receiving favourable response Aston Morris decided to leave the band and the remaining pair carried on and recorded I Am A Free Man, Don Dead Already and For You. For this release Kingston Sounds have included the full Slave Call set. An interesting set to remind us what a great group The Ethiopians truly were.