The Dome City Orchestra

Dig It!

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following the popularity of dome city orchestra’s 'quiet village' which we released last year, we started getting requests for the dome city orchestra’s 12 inch release 'dig it!', which is ridiculously rare and sought after.

built around a super catchy funky keyboard riff and bassline which wouldn’t sound out of place if prince had recorded it, 'dig it!' comes in 3 versions, the extended version, the short version and the instrumental version, all of which sound essential for mix enthusiasts. typically, as with most of our rsd releases, original copies are nowhere to be found – the last copy sold on discogs was 2021 and, even if you could locate a copy, it would cost you in the region of around £250 these days. we think this record will find a wider audience once people have access to copies as it sounds stunning over a good sound system. play loud or not at all!