The Competence Movement

Music for Basic Functionality

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Lectures to industrial and electronic music by members of The Underground Youth, Surrealist Temple Band, Patheticist International and Dada Jung Riley. Accompanied by a 64-page user's manual on the decline of competence in western civilization with practical advice and philosophy from luminaries of underground culture: Craig Dyer (The Underground Youth), Ian F. Svenonius (ESCAPE-ism & The Make-Up), Saul Adamczewski (Fat White Family/Insecure Men/Patheticist International), Daniel Hand (White Devil Disco/Surrealist Temple Band), Adrian Charvat (Dada Jung Riley), Tommy Hazard (Morbid Books), "MrPikes," Olya Dyer (The Underground Youth), Owen Godbert (Through the Eyes of Ruby), Luke Mayes (Rick Owens/Owenscorp), Anna Sebastian (Morbid Books), Palina Tsvirko & Lev Parker (Morbid Books/Surrealist Temple Band).
Published by Morbid Books, Distributed by Cargo records
Music composed by Adrian Charvat, Craig Dyer, Daniel Hand & Lev Parker

Produced and recorded by Adrian Charvat

Mixed and mastered by Craig Dyer*

Artwork by Olya Dyer

Released by Emancipated Records

Distributed by Cargo Records

*with thanks to Sam Fez and Dan Lyons for their respective sound effects and rerecording of the vocal for "Ostracism".