Music For Breathing

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We've been writing new material as a trio since the first lockdown in the spring of 2020. 
An organic and electro-acoustic impulse that translates both mine and Eliete's need of self-archiving, 
re-inventing and auto-cannibalising Tetine's past, present and future in order to explore other aural 
landscapes and modes of composing intuitively, while at the same time, re-experiencing moments of our 
trajectory as a hybrid organism. 

 Music For Breathing was born as a respiratory, meditative, and improvisatory piece of DIY 
tropical-mutant-punk "chamber music" written for cello, voice, piano, organ and electronics. 
The work responds to the suspended acts of breathing and vertigos experienced in contemporary polluted
 environments in political, social and philosophical transitions, whilst investigating the 
secret ontologies of inanimate objects and architectures, as well 
as the echoes and ethics of modes of operating things. 

 Recorded during the intense period of heatwaves that hit London between July and August 2022, in 
a small studio set up in our flat's kitchen - so that we could capture the acoustic instrumentation 
(in particular, for the recording of cellos) without much noise interference from the street - 
this vinyl version of the album comprises of 5 distinct yet complementary reflective movements. 
 Musically and lyrically, it explores the atmospherics and syntaxes of time and space, voice, rhythm, 
as well as themes such as hearing loss, menopause, pollution and respiration. It builds an expanded suite of unexpected 
electro-acoustic textures through repetition, minimalistic motives, simple melodies, chromatic 
developments, free counterpoint and atonalism. Conceived as an ode to the poetics of slowness, 
the sounds you hear give continuity to the music we composed for the performance-film 
The Ether - Prelude No.1 over the first lockdown in 2020 as it simultaneously explores the warmth, 
melodiousness and power of the cello in conjunction with electronics. 
Music For Breathing evokes this transitory moment: a place and time where language runs out, 
communication and information lose their functions, sound and meaning do not correspond. Facts do not correspond to contexts. Spaced Out in Paradise. The last degree of the structure, the 
loss of memory. The lost voice. 
The album also features our 12-year-old daughter Yoko Afi on cello and vocals. It reflects 
a period of free sound experimentation influenced both by romantic composers of the late
 19th / early 20th centuries and contemporary electronic music. The pieces you hear were composed, arranged, and recorded 
with the joy and melancholy of "those who do not know". In other words, "with the arrogance 
of a second childhood" as Derek Jarman once put it. 'Agile and candid as a child'(1). 1) Manifesto da Poesia Pau-Brasil, Oswald de Andrade, Correio da Manhã, 18 de Março de 1924.