Club Aura

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After a brief hiatus, we return with a four-track EP from Brooklyn based artist Significant Other.

'Club Aura’ is an obscure yet dreamy number featuring lazy low frequency plucks, an inviting sax line and wave-inspired ambience while ‘Mike’s Gone Back To Manchester’ lays focus on pulsating stabs, cold, syncopated percussion fused with shattering synths that patiently develop throughout.

On the flip, ‘Little Blue Pills’ makes way for undulant, rhythmic drums, stirring modulations and dub-tinged echoes paying homage to sound system culture, until ‘Drum Therapy’ takes it up a notch with blistering, breaky grooves, a sharp, meandering bassline and chaotic yet thrilling experiments in this scintillating, peak-time cut.

'It's warm inside the rave'.