Bobby Digital In Stereo

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In November of 1998, Wu-Tang Clan mastermind RZA unleashed his first solo record, and his memorable alter-ego, Bobby Digital. Bobby Digital In Stereo is essentially a soundtrack. A soundtrack to a Blaxploitation / Martial arts film that never was - at least outside of the imagination of the artist and the listener - as RZA channels the martial arts superhero (or perhaps anti-hero) inspirations of his youth into his Bobby Digital persona. The recording follows a loose storyline of RZA’s endeavors as Bobby Digital out to enlighten the people of the projects to the poisons of the hood that surrounded them every day. Production-wise, the release features a different approach from RZA’s work with Wu-Tang - a layered experimental keyboard driven sound instead of dusted sample-heavy beats - a technique RZA called the “Digital Orchestra.” Bobby Digital In Stereo rode to number 16 on the Billboard top 200 - peaked at number 3 on the Top R&B / Hip Hop albums chart - and went on to RIAA Gold status. Bobby Digital In Stereo is now regarded by many as the best of RZA’s Bobby Digital projects