Roots From The Record Smith Lloydie Slim Productions 1973/1976

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Ronnie Davis - Live In Unity Ronnie Davis - World By Myself Cornell Campbell - Heading For The Mountain Ronnie Davis - Jah Jah Jahovah Tappa Zukie - Judge I O Lord INRI Hortense Ellis - Mr. Lee Mr. Lee Barrington Spence - Why Did You Leave Me To Cry I Roy - Look A Boom The Heptones - Tripe Girl Ronnie Davis - Power Of Love

One of the unsung movers and shakers of 1970s reggae, Ivan Smith worked as in-studio producer and record promoter for both Bunny Lee and Channel 1, whilst quietly producing and releasing his own catalogue of high-quality 45s.
Here is the first ever compilation, pure classics, all taken from master tapes, in a lovely silkscreened sleeve.