Vol. 1

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Collaborative anthology, documenting how creatives are exploring the past through modern ways.

ROAM is a project born out of conservation, exploration and diversification. The project is a collaborative anthology, sharing the diverse work of over 40 contributors who explore the past in various creative mediums. People have many names for this artistic movement, but the most used is 'folk revival' - we hope to show through this body of work that the folky world is branching out in new and exciting ways, rather than stomping old ground.

ROAM came into being after Henry and Tom (editor and designer) noticed that the folk community was reliant on social media to form a community. Out of fear that, one day, the social platform will dissipate, the duo have set out to preserve the work of these amazing creatives in a physical artifact. They also noticed that the algorithms of social media were separating people by craft, rather than uniting them by theme. ROAM unites a rich collection of creatives in the hope of cross-discipline collaboration and the inspiration of new work.