Disorderly Magic & Other Disturbances

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Disorderly Magic And Other Disturbances is dark jazz, post-punk, post-pop verse. Essential beat-up/down, free-fall, free-for-all poetry for people who don’t particularly like or think about poetry (and for those who do, of course).

Disorderly Magic features: subterranean scenes, picturesque ruins, neon glowing, Chelsea Girls, the damned, the demimonde, the elemental, being on the edge of being pinned down by our ghosts.

Also, worlds and words that are desperately fragile – mapping the loneliness and expression of private sorrows, peculiar energy from the streets, hidden and brilliant corners.

And, a graveyard of myths, image: nylon, sur et sous le communication, folk devils, alienation – full face or in profile, the Scala cinema London 1983, the Zone, concrete brutalist situations, that which doesn’t exist.

Set in full moonlight, before the Flood.