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Mythologies by Petra Palkovacsova, is a reference to the recent trends in publishing; rewritings of classical myths. Although the collection does not focus on mythology, it deals with fairy tale deconstruction. The poems are experimental in both their form and context. Most of these poems are directly spins on specific fairy tales such as Pinocchio, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood and others. These stories offered an amazing connection between ecocriticism and trauma through their link to childhood and natural settings. Palkovacsova produced works that are often driven by strong feelings, and mental overstimulation as she would not like to limit herself to negative emotions only. The artist believes that one of her roles as a poet is recreating this overstimulation faithfully. By writing about it, the artist creates safe spaces for the readers to meditate on self-understanding and cherishing the role of community and its impact on effective healing from trauma.

Self Published 
First Edition of 200
80 pages
150 × 210 mm