Osmium Deluxe

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Demon Records are proud to present Osmium Deluxe - the first recordings credited to the funk - rock ensemble Parliament - Funkadelic . Produced by Ruth Copeland , Osmium offers up a diverse bag of tricks comprising gospel, soul, funk, rock and cod - country arrangements with accompaniment ranging from heavy electric guitar fuzz, acoustic serenity and even bagpipes. Since its re - release in 1990, Osmium has been distributed numerous times by various labels in America, Europe and Japan under alternate titles – including Rhenium and First Thangs . A number of these reissues have featured material that was not included on the original album , such as unreleased tracks and singles that were taken from the same time. This version compiles together everything from that period onto a double green vinyl edition ; the full Osmium album, the single sides that never made the album, unreleased tracks, demos and jams - which all making their debut vinyl appearance housed in one united package. Many of these recordings are still as far - out as they sounded when first released. However, the tracks here represent the genesis of what would become P - Funk and the entity that would give the world ground - breaking albums Maggot Brain (1971), Mothership Connection (1975), and One Nation Under a Groove (1978). An essential addition to anyone’s vinyl collection