Nick Haeffner

The Electromagnetic Imaginary

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A compilation of instrumental tracks recorded between 2017 and 2022 which acts as an introduction to Nick Haeffner’s musical universe.

Several of the tracks have the epic sweep of film soundtracks while others are more intimate, acoustic guitar based pieces. There is a smorgasbord of instrumentation including fuzz guitar, accordion, French horn, Chinese Erhu violin, Turkish oud, ukulele, orchestral strings, Ukranian and Norwegian violins, mandolin, Hammond organ, electric piano, sitar, harp, synthesiser and piano. Some of these are sampled, many are played live. The music is melodic, quirky, surprising and inventive. The album has guest appearances by Andy Golding (The Wolfhounds, Dragon Welding), Finn Kidd (Tim Burgess, Hatcham Social), Mike Adcock (Clive Bell, Chris Cundy, Imaginary Dance Trio), Sylvia Hallett (Evan Parker, David Toop, Clive Bell, Lol Coxhill) and Ian Montague (Julie Felix, Linda Moylan).

Although 'The Electromagnetic Imaginary' has echoes of Holgar Czukay’s Movies, the Incredible String Band and the US band Kaleidoscope in its blend of psychedelia, folk/world music, cinematic soundscapes and sonic experimentation, it is a thoroughly 21st century project making use of technologies only recently made available. The title is a reference to occult traditions that have treated electrical energy as a mysterious and magical force.

This mini album is released in a limited edition at a budget price as a prelude to the release of Are You Sleeping? later in the year on Dimple Discs. Are You Sleeping? reinterprets Harry Nilsson’s story and songs The Point, featuring many guest performers.