Hell Lane

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Circle Dance are happy to share ‘Hell Lane’, the third EP from producer and label head Muckers. From the wintry shades of previous release ‘Dingly Dell’ and the vernal promise of debut ‘Out of County’, we emerge into the high summer of ‘Hell Lane’. This is slippery psychedelic electronica for hazy mycological meanders through the sandstone holloways of West Dorset.

Muckers says: ‘Landscape is important to my work, and this release really started to take shape following a series of long walks over Colmers Hill and through the passage of Hell Lane, both of which are a stone’s throw from where I grew up in Bridport. The dreamlike, jubilant atmosphere also draws inspiration from dancing in the third bardo at numerous All Our Friends and Beauty and the Beat parties, cycling among the cumbia-loving barbecuers of Burgess Park, the Peter Greenaway film Drowning By Numbers, Peter Zummo, Ash Ra, Agnès Varda and a lean period of employment’.

‘Thanks as always to my brother Dom for his invaluable insights and for getting me excited when I need it! Thanks to original circle dancer and dear friend Joe for his beautiful design, everyone who’s lent time and energy to launching the Circle Dance parties where much of this music was trialled live, and to Amber for endless love, support, and the bassline that kicked the whole record off’.