Modifications: Set 3

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Set 3 from Modified Man brings another diverse bunch of tracks together with bubbling basslines, sizzling, expansive synth sounds and heavy, broken and percussive beats.

Blame’s On You Bruv, combines their signature synth bounce with broken beats via some classic UK two-step vibes, and is the first time we’ve heard a (human) voice on their records.

Glass Army is way more direct, bringing grouchy beats and bass up to a euphoric disco/house jam before delivering an emotional final punch.

Hear Me Calling is 808 gospel music, still nodding at the duo’s broken beat influences. Big, bass heavy, uplifting dance music.

The rest of the EP continues to deliver the bizarre twists and turns, and sense of humour we’ve come to expect from the South London pair. Bumpy, atmospheric, spacious and jazz influenced in equal measures.

Artwork once again comes from a unique piece of plasticine art created by Tim Easley. This piece itself has been gaining love and attention with massive design authorities and tech sites from Creative Review to Engadget!