After The Job EP

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Wickedly funked-up and skewed house from Lorenz Lindner, better known as MixMup, for Joy Orb's Hinge Finger. 'After The Job' proceeds from one of 2012's finest 12"s, his 'MM/KM' EP with Kassem Mosse, in damn fine style, grinding away with three gritty, technoid, and abstracted groovers, plus one lovely ambient bit. The decelerated boogie bleep chug of 'After The Job' gives way to a raw, percussive basement jaunt called 'Copa Jams' on the A-side, ad the B-side gets even better with the squashed, freaky bass and boz-eyed fog machine march of 'Doomed' and the bliss blips of 'Bungalow' to close. Dope.