Miss Tiny


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Miss Tiny is a new collaboration between Dan (Carey) and Ben Romans-Hopcraft (Warmduscher, Childhood).

Miss Tiny release their debut EP DEN7 on Speedy Wunderground. Miss Tiny’s universe is a thoroughly explored romance of heritage, rebellion, and a years old friendship between co-conspirators producer / guitarist Dan Carey and vocalist / drummer Benjamin Romans-Hopcraft (Childhood, Warmduscher). 

Originally banded together as What It’s Like To Be A Bat - taking the name of an essay written by American philosopher Thomas Nagel - Miss Tiny debuted their new venture at Brixton’s The Windmill back in 2022. Later deciding that their namesake, despite all ideological intentions, was perhaps slightly “too evil sounding”, Miss Tiny (a nickname given to Romans-Hopcraft’s grandmother who passed away during recording) was born. Or rather, re-imagined.

Having spent the best part of a decade orchestrating haphazard jam-sessions, Carey and Romans-Hopcraft would eventually go on to discover a fundamental principle of their own. One which would come to define Miss Tiny, throughout her various forms and guises. “We called it anti-recording,” offers Carey. “Only doing it for the pleasure of doing it”. When fully committing to this practice, the music meticulously followed two courses; refine, or degrade. Perfect the moment, or let it go.

The irony of a seminal producer and critically revered musician banding together out of mutual distaste for recording, is not one that’s lost on the two best mates. In fact, they’ll be the first to proudly call it into question - and yet still, these spurts of spontaneity are years worth of trial and error. 

Produced and recorded at Carey’s ‘Speedy Wunderground’ studio in Streatham, DEN7  is the first fuller offering from Miss Tiny, and a clear indicator they have truly begun to find their voice together. From pulling all-nighters in a studio in SW16, to conquering the stages of London’s DIY underbelly, Miss Tiny through fate and fortune, circumstance and intuition, are about to enter a league entirely of their own.