Meat Beat Manifesto & DHS

Man From Mantis

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Long time collaborators Meat Beat Manifesto (Jack Dangers) & DHS (Benjamin Stokes) get together on fresh new 12” EP ‘Man From Mantis’. Both artists have rich musical histories, Dangers having released an extensive collection of music as MBM since the late 80s including pre-hardcore/jungle breakbeat touchstones (Helter Skelter/Radio Babylon) & late 90s masterpiece ‘Prime Audio Soup’, released on Trent Reznor’s Nothing Records and recognisable from its use in The Matrix. Stokes on the other hand has a smaller back catalogue but no less influential, having been responsible for all-time-classic foundational techno blueprint ‘House of God’.

Dangers & Stokes have always played around beyond the edges of the familiar and this EP is no different: 4 tracks of breakbeat techno future-sound that live in a world of their own. ‘Pandemic’ opens the EP with squeaky-clean mechanical acid, intentional and direct, tight and well-controlled, underpinned by a revolving, bubbling acid line. ‘Aggressive Mantis Squad’ comes bearing weighted breaks and hinterland bleeps, spanning the past and the future. B-Side opener ‘Automatic Mouth’ is a twisting chugger, occasionally breaking down to reveal a whirring & stuttering machine-spirit before the EP closes with the drum-fest dream sequence of ‘International Sound System’. 

These are lab-grown rhythm bombs, finely tuned off-kilter grooves, razor sharp crucial beats ready for the future, out on Love Love Records, May 19th 2023.