Yeah You

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Cripes, they’re back: Gustav Thomas and Elvin Brandi cough up a 2nd lump of improvised pop gristle as Yeah You for Slip, making good on the groundwork of Id Vendor (2016) and various acclaimed live shows thru another pebble-dashed batch of yelps, beats and salty noise.


Known to authorities as a father and daughter from Newcastle, Yeah You make some of the most feral, unhinged music we’ve heard in years, and most often make it in unusual places such as their black Renault Clio on the weekly drive to yoga, for example.

Krutch is the fieriest testament yet to their convention-bucking sound, swarming on the listener like an army of alley cats armed with freshly dried blackboards and led by Brandhi, who spits like a possessed Sensational in unmetered non-sequiturs over her dad’s haywire backing tracks.

 We could equally construe that caterwaul as a nod to the hi-pitched hypnosis of Black Metal as much as a glimpse at genuine speaking-in-tongues mania, as the pair convey an energy and psychomimetic effect that can only be described as an extreme form of music.

 Recorded while on the road to gigs in Holland, Germany, and at Aurora, Budapest this stuff lacerates senses and precedents with genuinely disarming power, dashing from the convulsive madness of Fall Freed to the DHR-style techno-pop of Skin (I Have Only Lived Once) and the festering BM cadence of SOIK CHAT video via charred bubblegum pop in Pace with a style and off-the-cuff flair that’s just utterly compelling, no matter how you look at it.