The Official Biography Third Edition

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DREAD Editions proudly present the third edition (in English) of the official biography of King Tubby, the Dub Master.

In 1989, King Tubby the Dub Inventor was shot dead at his gate, in Kingston. And as incredible as it may seem, this is the first book ever written about him! This man has redefined pop music from his tiny studio in Waterhouse. Not only did he invent Dub, but he also shaped the reggae sound of the 1970s with his legendary MCI console (and its big knob). He was also an undisputed sound system master.

This was a hard book to write. At first, it seemed like nobody wanted to speak about King Tubby. People were reluctant, many asked for money. Was it linked to his brutal murder? 30 years later we still don’t know what really happened that day.

Fortunately, I also met fascinating people like the early deejay Lizzy, who talks about the 1960s like it was yesterday, or the “Imperial Dubman” Mikey Faith from Emperor Faith. Not to mention Snaffles and other Tubby’s childhood friends.

This book will take you were it started, and where it all happened: Waterhouse, in Jamaica. Welcome to the heart of the reggae furnace!

This is the half that had never been told. Hope you’ll enjoy.

Official biography, featuring rare and beautiful pictures—most of them have never been published before.