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This is somehting Kano's and die-hard italo-disco fans will definitely
appreciate. Kano's “Another Life“ is finally remastered and repressed
on limited-edition white vinyl for the first time since 1983 and out on
FullTime Production.

This LP consecrated the fascination of italo-disco, which merged disco,
funk and synth pop.

This is demonstrated by a song like “I Need Love“, where we immediately
recognize the classic elements of synth pop (thus merged with the rhythm
and the funk voice of the charismatic voice of Glen White. So “Mad In
Love“ and “Dance School“, where you can already recognize all the
grooves that will one day be other followers who have taken, to recall
the name, a direct lesson from this “school“. Kano surely influenced a
whole genre of new European dance acts.

“Another Life“, a single now immortal for lovers of the genre, certainly
felt the influence of another genre, known as space disco, a short
Eurodisco vein. So “Ikeya Seki“, which is not a tribute to the East
like the later China Star (typical of the aesthetics of many bands of
this early 80's), but a very suggestive instrumental piece whose name
derives from a comet discovered by two astronomers Japanese in 1965,
Seky and Ikeya in fact. This, is the sound that is also found in the
8-bit soundtracks of arcade videogames, in those contained in Commodore
floppies, and it is the music that everyone would have liked to sweat
every day.