Cease & Resist

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Berlin-based American expat Maedon (Tresor, Sonic Groove) ushers in the arrival of Rant & Rave Records with a slickly produced debut EP entitled ‘Cease and Desist’. ‘1989’ opens with booming kicks, driving mechanical percussion, and hallelujah samples interspersed throughout. The droning rave synths sound eerily akin to kamikaze dive bombers heading directly for your brain. ‘Grandstand’ and the title track ’Cease and Desist’ continue in this direction, abundant with hypnotic electronics and relentless energy. On ‘The Worlds So’, Maedon shares her thoughts on the state of world current events with looped vocals ‘The worlds so fucked... all we can do is dance’. Gritty, dark rave tracks for peak time workout that provide a nice blueprint of what to expect from this label. No prisoners taken.