Joe Hisaishi

Spirited Away OST

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Side A

1,One Summer Day

2,A Road to Somewhere

3,The Empty Restaurant

4,Nighttime Coming

5,The Dragon Boy


7,Procession Of The Spirits


Side B

1,Bathhouse Morning

2,Day Of The River

3,It's Hard Work

4,The Stink Spirit

5,Sen's Courage

6,The Bottomless Pit

7,Kaonashi (No Face)

Side C

1,The Sixth Station

2,Yubaba's Panic

3,The House At Swamp Bottom


5,The Return

6,Always with Me

(CD release date: 7/18/2001) Music by Joe Hisaishi, Total 21 tracks

* 2xLP gatefold jacket (recorded in Side A, B, C, and no music recorded in back side of Side D)

Soundtracks recorded in a hall by full orchestra of New Japan Philharmonic.

Including the main theme “Itsumo Nando Demo” (vocal: Yumi Kimura).