African Dub Almighty Chapter Three

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Reissue of the legendary third Chapter in Joe Gibbs African Dub series, Chapter 3 made a huge impact on its release with engineer Errol 'T' Thompson throwing in everything but the kitchen sink on the sound effects front.  Some liked the effects, some didn't, but the strength of the musical selection was impeccable, especially the fantastic cut to the Cassava Piece riddim that opened the set, with the cry "Dis one ya Kiiilaaa!"  All the tracks are present and correct, though afficionados will notice they are not neccesarily in the right order.  Don't let that put you off too much, as the man says, this one is indeed a killer.

Side 1:
1. Chapter Three 
2. Rema Dub 
3. Tribesman Rocker 
4. Freedom Call 
5. Jubillation Dub 

Side 2:
1. The Entebbe Affair 
2. Angolian Chant 
3. Zion Gate 
4. Jungle Dub 
5. Dub Three