Really Fucked

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Limited to 100 copies. Lathe cut on black vinyl.

HiFi Twins are a formidable duo, comprising south London legend Zsa Zsa Sapien: vocalist and trumpeter with Meatraffle/SCDUFM (‘Politically charged, self-aware... They critique with humour and integrity and have great tunes to boot’ – Louder Than War), and artist and musician Peter Harris: the man behind Bombart, and a regular collaborator with both Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Pop Group maverick Mark Stewart.

“If you love phat grooves, wild guitars and catchy choruses, then HiFi Twins will make you very happy indeed.” - Totally Radio

Together Sapien and Harris create tunes that are as inventive as they are outrageous: ‘Really Fucked’ is a slinky disco banger, with a Chic-style guitar lick riding atop a bubbling bass. Meanwhile, Sapien’s unmistakeable worldly-wise voice delivers lyrics that are both witty and provocative. Witness the way the spookily descending chorus climaxes with the defeated/victorious cry of “We’re really fucked!”

The flip side is the ‘Really Fucked Dub’, with remixing duties being handled by On-U Sound mastermind Adrian Sherwood. Here, Sherwood carves out acres of reverberating space to create a deeply psychotropic vision.

Heaven’s Lathe are thrilled to be releasing HiFi Twins’ debut as an exclusive 7 inch single, in a limited edition of just 100. The 230gsm sleeve features stunning cover art by Peter Harris, depicting emaciated portraits of both Michael Jackson and GG Allin. Meanwhile, the singles themselves are lathe cut on pure black vinyl with engraved centres. This is one unique release. - Graham Duff

Handmade by @bladudflies