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Who is Ghrelin? What is Ghrelin? Ghrelin, the hunger hormone, as it’s known in medical circles, it’s hallmark functions include its stimulatory effects on food intake, fat deposition and growth hormone release. Or in this case the strange musical entity from the mystic realms of Wales.

Ghrelin’s creation was rumoured to be started at a D’Angelo concert in 94, the Black Messiah was said to of thrown a sweat band to the side of the stage during a show that was then picked up by a young fan that proceeded to bury the item, water with cool aid for nine months, with only the form of light being a flickering TV showing Eddie Murphy’s “Bad” on repeat. After it gained sentients the Ghrelin formed limbs and broke out into the real world!

Flying on the back of a discombobulated golden plover Ghrelin landed on the sunny shores of Wales.

It is here that they found a new form of communication, be it by instrument, sample material or song , Ghrelin now had the ability to coheres with other similar beings. Leading us to present day.

Taken off the forthcoming ‘Creedo‘ landing soon via Group BraCil.