Vulture Culture

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This is the critically acclaimed debut album by Ghetto Priest, produced by On U Sound stalwart, Adrian Sherwood, released in 2003.

Featuring musicians such as Prince Fari / "Sly & Robbie" / Carlton"Bubblers" Ogilvie / Skip "Little Axe" McDonald, and Jazzwad, to mention a few.

This gem is the last batch .. I REPEAT LAST BATCH, of the vinyl album from the On U Sound warehouse!
Released July 7, 2021

Label - On U Sound
Produced - by Adrian Sherwood
Lead - Ghetto Priest

Singers & Players incl.
Prince Far I
Sly & Robbie
Dr Das
Simon Bogle
Carlton "Bubblers" Ogilvie
Crucial Tony
Dave 3 Head