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Freya Beer is a singer-songwriter from West London. Her debut album Beast is released this month and many of the songs on it are inspired from characters seen in classic cinema. As Freya explains: ” With most of my songs I always tend to take inspiration lyrically from film story plots that I’ve interpreted into my own personal experiences.” she says. “The songs of Beast all have elements of empowerment with a gothic undertone. The album takes you on a journey, right from the opening title track (“Beast”) that follows through a euphoric dream of a devilish figure to the closing track of “Put it to the Test”.

Among the album’s featured personnel, longstanding drummer Owain Hanford provided all percussion, Arnoldas Daunys played bass, whilst lead guitar was laid down by Peter Hobbs (The Boy Least Likely To), who also produced the whole album. Amidst the set, BBC 6 Music championed single and fan favourite “Dear Sweet Rosie” also features; with the previously recorded track created in 2019 with Dave Fidler and Andy Hargreaves at The Fuse, Manchester.