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**Upfront exclusive on this new album from SOTU favourite and Dash The Henge official basement dweller, Elijah Minnelli!**

No one sounds like Elijah Minnelli..Don't Miss...showcase stylee..Vocals & Dubs..Highly Recommended!!

Born of an equal love of outsider folk, and the interwoven musical lineages of both South America and the West Indies, Elijah Minnelli stands out by balancing influence with a unique irreverence. ‘Perpetual Musket’ fuses dub reggae with traditional folk, reimagining classic standards with a cast of renowned reggae vocalists to breathe new life into traditional and folk songs. Each track is paired with a live dub version that shines a light on the instrumental adaptations of these traditional melodies.

This record is a cultural exchange, providing reggae singers with new, and perhaps never considered, source material, while giving bass lines to inherited songs.

Veteran Jamaican singer-songwriter Little Roy lends his finely honed tone to ‘Vine & Fig Tree’, an explicitly anti-war song originating from the Old Testament, infusing it with warmth and yearning.

Contemporary dancehall titan Shumba Youth enlivens the old traditional ballad ‘A’ Soulin’’, a song about a Souls’ Day winter ritual where the poor would knock on the doors of farm owners and the rich in a tradition that is believed to have influenced both carolling and trick or treating. Shumba's rhythmic dexterity refreshes the song with a unique energy.

Peggy Seeger's ‘Lifeboat Mona’ is the next rendition, telling the story of a lifeboat disaster in 1959, where an entire lifeboat crew perished while seeking to save an adrift boat on St. Andrews Bay. Roots reggae heavyweight Earl Sixteen imparts this folk ballad with great emotion and fine storytelling ability. The work of lifeboat crews is ever pertinent, as the vilification of ‘small boat’ seeks to dehumanise the most vulnerable in society. We've even seen attempts to vilify those who are simply doing their duty to save humans in need.

The final reinterpretation comes from Bristol's Joe Yorke, who sings ‘The Wind & The Rain’. His sleek, haunting falsetto matches perfectly with this tale of weather and weariness from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Joe has carved quite a path for himself in recent years, injecting a new voice into the world of contemporary reggae.