Eden Ahbez

Wild Boy The Lost Songs Of Eden Ahbez

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Wild Boy … is a reissue of the well-known 2016 release curated by Brian Chidester, renowned researcher and biographer of Eden ahbez. Especially for this album, Brian wrote an interesting text about Ahbez's life, which definitely became the decoration of the release. With the new 2023 re-release, we went a little further and kept what is commonly referred to as studio cuts. It’s a few more minutes in the studio with Ahbez himself, full of emotion and life. In addition, to the delight of fans, the edition includes an additional composition Nature Boy (Mantovani Orchestra). Especially, it is worth noting the outstanding mastering prepared from practically decomposed tapes by the Grammy-nominated Jessica Thompson, which guarantees the deepest and warmth possible sound.

Eden Ahbez is definitely at the origin of psychedelic music and this release can be taken as further proof. Over the past twenty years, the iconic figure of the world's first hippie Eden Ahbez has become famous primarily for his 1948 song "Nature Boy", praising universal love, and his amazingly solo album from the 1960s called Eden's Island - one from the first concept albums in the history of music and probably the first psychedelic music album. Wild Boy: The Lost Songs Of Eden Ahbez deepens understanding of the origins of the psychedelic movement in the 1950s. The disc contains a musical selection of works by Eden ahbez himself, written by him in the period after Nature Boy. The inclusion of songs such as "Palm Springs" - Ray Anthony Orchestra and "Hey Jacques" by Ertha Kitt gives the listener the chance to discover for the first time the little-known recordings of world-famous artists composed by Eden Ahbez.