The Wind That Was Blown

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Who is Toby Cato? On first inspection he’s a Painter, Rapper, Singer, Composer, Filmmaker, Producer and MultiIntrumentalist: Born in Brighton and based in SouthEast London. Dive a little deeper into his universe (no exaggeration) and it’s almost jarring how well developed, highly considered and how expertly these seemingly separate strings to Cato’s bow are executed. What makes it all the more impressive is that he’s a self taught 23 year old. He’s won prizes for his animations, was a finalist in the Nicholas Daley x Fred Perry Music Grant (where Bradley Zero- as a judge alongside Gilles Peterson and Nubya Garcia, first came across him) and his paintings are sold and exhibited worldwide. The son of a renowned Jamaican-British writer, historian and social commentator - Cato clearly grew up in a creatively liberated household - going some way to explain the ease with which he wrestles heavy subject matter across multiple mediums. Would it be hyperbole to call him a renaissance man? I suspect Cato would brush off this label, free falling through life: one moment at a time. “I’m only one man. Time and again, I’m falling, but holding onto my pen for the moment” And with this, humble assertion- we witness an artist, not falling - but flowing, In fact - overflowing across 6 tracks on this - his debut mixtape.
Limited to 300 copies.