Black Devil Disco Club


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Legendary Parisian disco pioneer and producer, Black Devil Disco Club is back and with a new album via UK independent imprint Lo Recordings.

Etincelles, which translates as ‘sparks’ in English, is the follow up to 2020’s Lucifer Is A Flower and is released on limited edition vinyl wrapped in screen printed sleeves with lazer cut triangles designed by the award winning Non Format team. A truly future perfect and infectious collection of electronic sounds and beats, the new album features six brand new tracks including the lead single ‘L Mer Sur L’enfer’ which was inspired by Salvador Dali.

With a story as deep and strange as the music itself, Black Devil is the alter ego of Bernard Fevre, a French composer of electronic library music with a highly sought after back catalogue that includes the magnificent ‘Strange World Of Bernard Fevre’.

Having grown up and worked in Paris, it was the African clubs and rhythms in the city that inspired him to make his celebrated debut album Black Devil Disco Club with only a small arsenal of electronic keyboards, a vocoder and looped conga drums. One of the most enigmatic electronic masterpieces ever made, the record was so ahead of it’s time that no one could believe it was made in 1977 on it’s release in ‘78. When it was re- issued in 2004 on the Rephlex label many thought it was a hoax and that the music was made by Aphex Twin or Luke Vibert but when Lo Recordings put out the 28 After album in 2006, the truth was finally revealed.