The Fall

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2nd EP of Barbican Estate.
The second EP from Barbican Estate.
This EP is an experimental work that pays homage to recent psychedelic-lo-fi pop, 70s krautrock, and B-movie soundtracks.
Recorded and arranged by Nacky Ishikura (OTolab) and various instruments such as flute, mellotron, and synthesizers were introduced.
The artwork is designed by Chauncey Utley, who works as a jewelry designer. The sound of this work, which coexists freshness and disquiet, was expressed with the intersection of nature worship and brutalism.
released November 30, 2022

Guitar: Kazuki Toneri
Vo, Bass, Flute, Keyboard: Miri
Dr, Percussion: Koh Hamada

Keyboard: Nacky Ishikura (Otolab)

Recording, Mixing, Producing: Nacky Ishikura (Otolab)

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