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BABYMAN: Collapsing machismo one song at a time - The debut LP from esteemed artist and Lee Perry collaborator, Peter Harris and artist and musician Thom Driver

Each LP is contained in a unique sleeve with an original hand drawing by Peter Harris and Thom Driver and lathe cut by Tea Bar Records

Deadhead Me
Looks Like
Love is the end result
Hey Babe
The Greatest Hit
Happy Blah Blah Day
Basement Flat

From Black Rhino Radio article: My first contact with musician and illustrator Peter Harris took place through the superb cover of Lee Scratch Perry’s Rainford album. For the album artwork, Peter has morphed a Lee Perry trio into the three horsemen of the Apocalypse. Intrigued by the cover, I found out their collaboration goes way back to the time they made the psychedelic painting and illustration for Higher Powers, a documentary film, an exhibition, and a book. The book, abounded in images with the usual Lee Perry's concepts and political criticism, also features Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, UK PM Theresa May, Margaret Thatcher, and, of course, Trump.

So, when I began to document for the interview, I got absorbed into the world where punk rockers are saints, and illustrations depict a world as insane and creative as what the last year made us experience and assimilate.

What is the story of your BABYMAN project? You have recently released the collage video HAPPY BLAH BLAH DAY, and this was my first introduction to you.
BABYMAN is a conceptual Art Band formed during lockdown with the artist and musician Thom Driver, with whom I have previously been in bands (Arthur Brick and Piper's Son), and the multi-talented Dylan Bates helps out by playing every instrument known to man-kind on our songs, and animator Llyr Williams adds piano and keyboards. The band and the songs are an anti- machismo project, anti-sex, drugs, and rock n roll. So the song subjects are about cat love, penis size and male competition, a man trapped in his baby body, body fascism, class consciousness, and failure in general. You can check out our YouTube.

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