You Can See Me

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Moving to England for its second release, Rant & Rave Records presents a proper EP from South Wales-based producer JoeFarr, known for his dance-floor jams on labels such as: ‘SLAM’, ‘Arts’, and his most recent success with 2019’s epic 12” ‘Death Becomes Us’. On the a-side ‘In This Anger’, which JoeFarr has written with Louisahhh, an anxiously dark, slowly developing atmosphere menaces behind a slow rolling, broken beat for maximum effect. This is punctuated by dark, slightly distorted female vocals with sporadic lyrics subtly encouraging its dance floors to move.. and think. Signature hard and bouncy grooves with infectious in-yer-face techno riffs dominate the rest of the EP with tracks ‘Laced Up’, ‘You Can See Me’ and ‘You will See Me (Hardcore)’, effortlessly weaving in and out of the pulsating groove with an interesting palette of machine sounding synths and heavily processed vocals.