Happy Happer (CD)

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A shimmering brew of extraterrestrial dub reggae and club music influences.

Audio Active debuted in the UK with On-U Sound in 1994, with the Sherwood produced album, Tokyo Space Cowboys. The album went to No.14 in the UK indie album charts and the single Free The Marijuana went to No.1 in NME magazine DJ chart. Free the Marijuana also drew heavy radio play in Australia, being released around the time the marijuana laws were up for revision.

Using a mix of programming and live instrumentation Audio Active created a dense, dub-inspired world of sound. References to outer space and time travel interests fostered by sci-fi films and animated TV shows like Time Bokanabound in their English lyrics.

However, it's their love of the 'erb that is impossible to ignore and sets them apart on the Japanese music scene, where controversy is anathema. Titles such as Weed Specialist, Kick The Bong Around, Psycho Buds, and the Hempire Strikes Back are just some of the many tributes to their favourite medicine contained in their records.