Tres Précieux Sang

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Très Precieux Sang makes for a welcome change of pace from the preceding run of TTT’s, slowing time to stately drift and and seducing with supple, spacious tone rather than running a body wild with rhythm.

Pairing the ondes Martenot - an early 20th century instrument famed for its theremin-like sound, and probably best known for its use by Oliver Messiaen, Edgard Varèse and Jonny Greenwood - with the harmonic glow of an old church harmonium; Julie Normal and Olivier Demeaux a.k.a. Accident du Travail cycle eight pieces that tread a fine line between haunting early sci-fi score and folk-wise nocturne, all captured in room recordings that call to mind the charged atmosphere of Gurdjieff recordings or chamber music from a lost civilisation.