97 Or Die

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10" lathe cut black vinyl with full colour sleeve, w/ inserts.
A phat 6 track slab of the finest gabber, terror and hardcore sounds channeled directly to you from 23HR GABBA FAGS, via his analogue audiotory attack weapons of choice, onto logic, then ableton, then a lathe and now this bloody good record!

24 hour Garage Girls may be the UK rave scene's most infamous coven of bassline bopping baddies, yet still they pail in comparison to the mighty kickdrums of 23HR GABBA FAGS! This is certainly a queer take on the UK's very own GABBA sound - not for the faint of heart!

Bright digital synth melodies, theremins and the infamous hoover intertwine with drones, snares, distorted kick drums, crashes, claps, toms, tones and more kicks all channeled to you with the narration of some of this worlds most terrifying talk and salacious sentences.

Most of the samples from this EP are from the year 23HR Gabba Fags was born - 1997, the peak of the Gabber scene's mainstream exposure, also the year himself and oneself were born (prophetic).

Written and Produced by 23HR Gabba Fags aka Nathan Czapnik on a Nava 909, Monomachine and Logic, 2020-2023.
Mixed and Mastered by Xquisite Korpse aka Matteo Chiarenza-Santini, 2023.
Artwork and Graphic Design by Jonty Kristian Mellmann, 2023.
Lathe Cut Vinyl by Tasha Trigger at Lathe to the Grave, 2023.

The mostest sincerest thanks to all involved in the creation of this record and its component parts.

Namely to Nathan, Matteo, Jonty, Tasha at Lathe to the Grave for the cool cuts, Heaven's Gate for the life lessons, all the hardcore heads and especially those who bought C.R.A.P merchandise at Fantastic Toiles from 2020-2023 (which funded most of this record's production). Respect to Liza n Eliaz!

Here's to many more hard waxy slabs of hardcore techno, gabber, terror, speedcore and more!

A Countryside Rave Art Project Records production.
Released November 23, 2023