Ghostphone 007

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Ghost Phone dial up serious R&B shivers and Bristolian blooz on their 7th self-released pearl.

Notably moodier and slung on the downstroke than previous editions, these six jams are typically silk-cut for late night glyde with a proper slow dance-to-the-bedroom sensuality oozing front to back. The sexiest essence of ‘90s soul and R&B is extruded thru a smokier, impressionist filter with results strongly reminding to an era of heavy vibes circa the late ‘00s.

They surely recall a heyday of Burial’s R&G in the woodblock crack and sultry swang of ‘Honey’, or Tri Angle’s fixations with ‘90s R&B via DJ Screw in the deep blue ace ‘Issalot’, while ‘Tell Me’ feels like a simmered down Clams Casino zinger, and ‘be The One’ is simply dripping with snake-hipped, satin shirt suss. We just gave the biggest chef’s kiss to the clinical Timbaland stop/start groove ‘Luvspace’, and ‘Her’ deals in the most sublime sort of hurt, hitting it right on the nostalgic G-spot for ‘90s babes and romantics diehards. - via Boomkat