The Watersons

Frost And Fire

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Originally released in 1965 and unavailable on vinyl since 1967, Frost and Fire, A Calendar Of Ritual and Magical Songs, was the debut album from the then new group on the folk scene. Originally from Hull, two sisters, Norma and Elaine (or 'Lal'), their brother, Mike and cousin, John Harrison, had been singing family songs all their lives and as a new folk group had been attracting attention for their powerful and exciting performances. They were taken into the studio by Bill Leader to record an album for Topic Records and what came out of the sessions was incredible.

Frost and Fire was essentially a concept album, the songs following the passage of the year. It's effect was seismic, standing the folk scene on it's head and influencing not just folkies but the ever growing and eclectic rock scene as well, particularly Traffic whose magnificent "John Barleycorn Must Die" came directly from Frost and Fire.

Sympathetically and carefully re-mastered from the original master and cut at 45rpm for optimal quality, the resulting sound on this new release of Frost and Fire is nothing short of a revelation. Belying it's years, the power and sonority of the voices hits the listener just as hard now as it did in 1965.