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The Head-Up Displays (HÜDS) are a rock band from Wolverhampton, England.

The HÜDS's debut four-track EP is out now on Dog Tunnel following a series of gigs over the summer including the 3-day psychedelic happening ACIDFEST organised by Liverpool Psychedelic Society (UK) and Creation Dream Machine (US).

Local rock legends Led Zeppelin are the obvious reference point for this Black Country band's vintage sound, but their current South London base and a punk and psychedelic edge blends studied cool and modernist aesthetic for a contemporary Indie Rock flavour. 

The track opens with a thumping drum track over which singer Billy’s lament for wasted youth speaks volumes of the poignancy of pandemic isolation while musing over the nihilistic streak of the 20th Century Futurist art movement:
Here we go again, (yeah)
Sometimes it just never ends. (no)
Say goodbye to my friends, (bye)
The sun shines, I’m in my bedroom again.
Is this the end?
I’m talking about my futurism (… speed and violence … kill us all, man)

The HÜDS are:
Eddie Dexter: guitar and vocals
James Butt: tambourine
Billy Frampton: guitar and vocals
Rohan Mittal: drums
Karl Stothard: bass

The recording
In tribute to the vintage rock sound Dog Tunnel recorded HÜDS live to 8-track open reel tape and mixed and mastered these recordings in a full-analogue studio, using vintage equipment, including echo tape, analogue delay, and plate reverb. Valve amplifiers, mastering to 2-track open reel, and old-fashioned techniques (like using just two drum microphones in the live room) all contribute to an authentic 70s-style sound.