The Fades

Night Terrors

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Limited green vinyl LP release of brand new album Night Terrors with exclusive original artwork by Jimp in gorgeous gatefold sleeve.

The Fades recently spent a weekend in Brixton Hill Studios using classic analogue equipment to try and capture a new record as true to their live sound as possible.

The record had been written periodically over the past year, grabbing time around lockdowns, and the new realities of working from home.

‘Night Terrors' is the result of these sessions, featuring all the thoughts, fears and anxieties that have crept in due to these turbulent times. Lead singer Dave regularly found himself wide awake at 3am thinking about everything, everywhere, all at once. A lot of introspection, dwelling on regrets and times gone by, but also hopes and change for the future. Inspired to try and make more music and live life to the full.

Night Terrors is both a midnight musical doom scroll and an uplifting source of insight. Fusing post-punk, garage rock and quirky indie to capture the sometimes manic and sometimes reflectively inspiring nature of modern life.

"It’s like someone fired a surf-punk into the sun at warp speed while a heavenly choir rejoices in the shredding with their beatific 'aaaaahs'..." Paul Cook, Fresh on the Net