Carbon Fibre Stylus Cleaning Brush

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Product Overview
1000s of high density carbon fibre brushes gently remove dust & debris from your stylus..The result? Cleaner, clearer sound from your favourite recordings.
Cleaning your stylus with our brush is quick and easy. Simply position your cleaner just behind your stylus and brush gently from back to front several times to lift away dust and debris.

A clean stylus sounds better and lasts longer. Maximise the lifespan of your record players stylus at a fraction of the cost with a SPINCARE® cleaning brush.
Our carbon fibre brush is electrically conductive, eliminating static charges which would otherwise attract further dust and particles. Get your stylus clean and keep it clean!

Product Description
A good quality stylus brush is an absolute must to make the most of your turntable. Unless your record makes a clean connection with the stylus, you will experience greatly diminished audio quality. Furthermore, if you allow dirt and debris to build up, your stylus will degrade faster and need replacing sooner. Care for your stylus, and you will be rewarded with a much cleaner, clearer sound. In our experience, many vinyl enthusiasts are so focused on their components that they can overlook basic stylus care. A basic care regime could be the best system upgrade you ever make! Cleaning your stylus only takes a few seconds. Simply move the tip of the brush gently under your cartridge back to front and the high density carbon fibres will remove any fluff, dust or debris. The brush contains 1000s of microfibres to remove even the smallest particles and contaminates.

We do not recommend using alcohol with our stylus brush as this risks dissolving the glue holding the canter lever in place.